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Flu Pandemic

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I think this thread kind of became a general illness thread (this usually happens with threads on a very specific topic, a fact I like, it means people are addressing the underlying questions, not focusing in a concrete manner on specifics): I didn't notice anyone saying that antibiotics affected cell walls, so I thought it was a remark about Tamiflu, in which case it really didn't make any sense (Tamiflu isn't an antibiotic), so I hastened to correct said percieved error. ;)

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ahhh.... gotcha. Anyway, after bacteria were brought up I became focused on the larger concept of resistance because the same evolutionary concepts apply regardless of mechanisms. This is why I didn't bother to bring up the diff. b/w viruses and bacteria in the first place.

Also, of course, I love to spout tangential facts about science and get people off-track of the main topic.... I'm a habitual line-stepper, you mods will have to keep track of me. See, I'm doing it now... yadayadayada, blah blah blah.... ;)

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