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I also can't hear any glaring deficiencies in the music. It sounded pretty similiar to music in the first two HP movies.

It has a mysterious/creepy feel to it, which I think fits the movie nicely.

The only thing I didn't like was the loud piercing whistles (or piccolo?) in the beginning - which could have just been my crappy speakers on my labtop. I like how he makes the low woodwinds laugh in the beginning though; it sounds like an evil cackle. :)

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I really don't like his music in the Harry Potter movies. In fact, it might just be the music that makes me like the movie less.

I loved the track The Mecha World, from A.I. Artificial Intelligence that he did a couple of years ago.

I especially love Don Davis's music in The Matrix movies, it is beautiful.

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Hey Richard,

I know this is not directly relevant to this topic but it is in some way. I would request that you, being so heavily involved with music as you are, start a new topic where you, and others, can explain what makes music good. And include tiddlywink music as well. I think this would be a great place to get the aesthetics of music further.

Oh, and I'll add that I agree that it sucks. It makes me cringe.

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While we're on the topic of musical scores for movies, who here liked Howard Shore's compositions for The Lord of the Rings films? Personally I felt that they served as an excellent contribution to the journey, going beyond a simple accompaniment. The creatures, places and events in the film were all given a certain unique feel by the music.

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