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Your thoughts on why some music is good?

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I think alot of it has to do with the sense of melody that person is geered torwards. Then after that it comes down to how that melody is performed; what instrument is carrying the melody line, whether its emtionally charged, how well its played, the style in which its played regardless of the genre. The third aspect would be the genre it fits in being rock, classical, country, blues, jazz, etc... A song might have a beautiful melody in the style of Beethoven that your classical afficianado would love, but there could be guitars, drums, vocal style that could totally repulse the listener and change the view. Some people aren't partial to melody though, some listen for pure mood (concerning certain ambient, techno, avant-garde, or some forms of jazz) or they might listen for intensity (Grindcore, sub genre of death metal). Some may also love a piece for its virtuosity (Jazz, certain classical pieces, Tech-Metal).

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