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Why Men Are Republicans

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Here is something that my father sent me recently in an email. It sort of reminds me of one of Ayn Rand's truly classic quotes which she made in her essay "The Age of Envy"

Denouncing masculine oppression, Women's Lib screams protests against the policy of regarding women as "sex objects" - through speakers who, too obviously, are in no such danger.


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Heh, funny. But to be fair, some of those are just bad pictures. Estrich doesn't REALLY look like that. She's usually smiling and looking pretty good, that's just a poor freeze-frame.

Yes, but you've got to admit that the pic of Janet is quite flattering compared with most! :confused:

As for Estrich - she's a strange bird. Once in a while I will hear a piece of political analysis by her that actually makes sense and reveals that the woman is occasionally actually able to grasp reality - which is pretty rare for a Leftist. But most of the time when I hear her, she comes across as cynical and bitter and projects a personality that the photo actually captures the essence of. But I guess that is what makes her a typical Leftist these days.

They also left out a few other Democratic babes. For example, there's Cindy Sheehan, there's Molly Ivins and, of course, Donna Shalala! :smartass:

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