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Presumed Guilty: The Injustice and Destruction of Sarbanes-Oxley

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By: Alex Epstein Imagine opening tomorrow's newspaper and reading this: "Citing all-too-frequent child abuse and neglect, Congress has proposed the Parenting Reform Act. Under the proposed law, all parents must sign a sworn statement pledging that they have not 'caused unreasonable physical harm or danger' to their children. To verify their compliance, all parents will be required to submit their children to a monthly full-body inspection by the new Parental Oversight Board, and account for every cut, scrape, and bruise that inspectors find. If a parent cannot prove the 'reasonableness' of any injuries to the Board's satisfaction, it could result in a loss of custody and 20 years in prison."'If a child has a bruised leg,' one of the bill's supporters said, 'we need to know about it--and we need to know how it happened. If it happened playing soccer, we need signed accounts from the coach and the referee....


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