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Anyone Else From This Area?

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Since I requested this sub-forum I will start it off with a simple request that anyone else from the Metro area interested in starting a local group with me please respond here or PM me.

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There are others here in the this state that is committing economic suicide, but they haven't posted in awhile. Most of them post at The Forum, I think.

I worked out in Eastpointe for awhile.

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The economic situation is pretty depressing here. The City of Detroit is on the brink of receivership, property values are stagnant or in decline, the hit from Delphi is going to be horrendous and the only thing our governor can think about is how to tax the "windfall profits" of the oil companies. Scary stuff.

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Hi all. I've just found this great resource, and I love it! I grew up an eastsider (lived in Detroit / Grosse Pointe), and now live in the beautiful metropolis of Ponti-crack. Looking forward to reading, and more importantly, learning, from this great site.

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JMegan asked why people from Michigan (notice the caps) are referred to as Michiganders...

From Etymonline.com

O.E. gandra "male goose," from P.Gmc. *ganez- (cf. Du. gander, M.L.G. ganre), perhaps originally the name of some other water fowl (cf. Lith. gandras "stork"). The slang sense of "take a long look" is first recorded 1887, from the notion of craning one's neck like a goose.

And that clearly explains why someone from Michigan would be snooping in the Ohio (notice the caps) forum. :P

I was born 'n raised (till 12) in Detroit, now reside in Madison Heights.

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Michiganian is what I prefer as well.

Given the opportunity, I would rather live somewhere more geographically interesting, like the Denver area, or Tucson perhaps...but my current job is auto related (not GM/Delphi), and - at present - this area offers more job opportunites.

At some point I will have to find work in a non auto related field, before US auto manufacturing gives its last death shudder.

At least the state below us has a decent pro football team <_<

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Anything good happening in Meeeechigan?

I saw something funny on the news the other day about my congressman's wife. I have the unfortunate distinction of being able to say that I'm represented by John Conyers, perhaps one of the worst politicians and humans on the planet. Apparently his wife (who was recently elected to the Detroit City Council) was just in a barfight with another woman. The people of Detroit sure do have a knack for picking losers to represent them, don't they?

P.S. Merry X-mas. I hope all of your capitalist dreams are fullfilled!

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