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So Has Anyone Got Any Advice For My Situation?

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I'm here to offer you completely unobjective (or is it?) and completely different advice:

Take the focus off of her and put the spotlight on yourself.

Here's how:

Find a quiet space to think.

Reflect on why you feel attracted to this woman. Don't be intellectual about it...or completely intellectual about it. Just find the traits and emotions that are creating the attatchment.

Realize then that you are simply projecting yourself onto this woman. The only way to "understand" another person is through your own experiences recorded in your mind. You are simply putting your qualities that you normally deny or rarely think about in yourself onto this girl. In doing this, you will realize your potential to grow. You may find that what you like about her is completely opposed to what you view yourself as...that's actually quite normal, and a sign that you've actually found something. Remember then, that in the future, you can choose to be that way at any time.

This won't make the pain of a letting go of an attatchment (which is all it is at this point) go away. But it will give you something positive out of the experience. My advice as far as the girl is simply this: Let go. You can still talk to her and be friends, but only in letting go of her will you set yourself free...and it isn't easy. Good luck.

Peace, Love, and Understanding

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