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Axiomatic - Issue 2 Available!

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Axiomatic - Volume I, Issue 2 is available at http://www.axiomaticmagazine.com. Inside this issue:

Ayn Rand vs. Hollywood’s Self-Censorship – Part 1 of 3 by David P. Hayes

David Hayes chronicles Ayn Rand's experiences with Hollywood self-censorship during her years as a screenwriter.

Embracing Existence by Don Watkins III

While Ayn Rand said that morality begins with the choice to live, she spent virtually no time discussing what that choice consists of. Yet this is not a question we can gloss over. Merely to say, “We should do X if we choose to live,” fails to appreciate the importance of that choice, what it is we’re really choosing, and how we go about making it. To grasp the basis for the Objectivist ethics, answering those questions is essential.

Einstein’s Contribution to Quantum Theory – Part 2 of 3 by Travis Norsen

Understanding Einstein’s objections to the orthodox quantum theory — and the details of his attempts to construct a reasonable alternative — is a necessary first step toward untangling the quantum mess and constructing a fully rational theory.

The Frenzied Fans of Serenity by Daniel Schwartz

Serenity’s heroes are ideals that we can look up to. But unlike the quixotic heroes presented in such films as The Passion of the Christ or Spiderman, these people actually belong here beside us. They can and do exist — and succeed.

The Axiomatic Interview with James Valliant

James Valliant discusses the response to his very important and very controversial book, The Passion of Ayn Rand’s Critics: The Case Against The Brandens.

For more information, visit http://www.axiomaticmagazine.com


Don Watkins, Publisher

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