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Welcome to the Reason Roundup! Crescent Of Choke-holds. Ayn Rand color painting. Evading Katrina. All is not well with Al. Wiesenthal the hero. Beauty sells. And, oh so much more!***Martin Lindeskog at EGO has some thoughts on the "Crescent Of Embrace":So, what's the real meaning behind the Crescent of Embrace? Are the architects honest in their intentions of the Flight 93 memorial, or is it another sign of multiculturalism? After reading the following statement by the principal architect, Paul Murdoch, I guess you could fear the worst motif.Embrace? Sounds like a choke-hold to me.*Meanwhile at the United Nations, Cox and Forkum cover the visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Call that Choke-Hold Part Deux.*Robert Tracy at Illustrated Ideas has some fine art to offer you:Own a unique print of Any Rand. Printed on glossy paper that'll last 75 years in normal light conditions, you can't go wrong. It's printed...


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