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Duke University and Terrorism

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Reader Janet DeRose has been following the Duke University-terrorism link. From FrontPage:Whatever the names used, the central goal of the ISM is the destruction of the democratic state of Israel and its replacement with an Arab-dominated state, ?by any means necessary.?Similar motives propel the ISM. Among some ISM members' long-term goals is dismantling the democratic, capitalist government of the United States. This was confirmed at the Duke University National Palestine Solidarity Movement Conference in 2004.You may remember the conference from last year. Follow the links:On October 15-17th [note: 2004], Duke University is scheduled to host the Fourth Annual Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement. This year?s event was originally slated for the West Coast (last year?s was at Ohio State), but the organizers had to look elsewhere because of reports in Frontpage Magazine and elsewhere that chants of ?Kill the Jews? were heard during the proceedings of the first...


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