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I have a suggestion that I think would make the board a little nicer (but hey, it's your board :) ).

The board defaults are apparently set to only show topics from the last thirty days in each forum. That makes it so that if you click on a forum in which there are no topics less than a month old, it says that the forum is empty. It's a pretty easy thing to change that myself (from "the last 30 days" to "the beginning"), but if that was set as the board default, then I wouldn't have to do it every time I entered a forum and wanted to find an older topic. Does that make sense?

It's just a minor issue, but it would be cool if you could change it. Thanks!

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I can do that.  If you want, I can give you full admin access, since I am always looking for voluneers to help with the site.

Thanks. It looks like all the forum defaults have been changed except for the Marketplace forum and this one (Suggestions/Bugs).

As far as being an admin, I'd certainly be willing, but whether I'd be able is another question entirely. I usually only have reliable internet access on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday, daytime), so I can't make much of a time commitment. And I'm not sure if I have the knowledge to help out much with the site (because I'm not sure how much knowledge is required). Does Invision Board have user-friendly admin-ing features, or does one need significantly above-average computer skills?

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Invision is very simple to use and configure -which is why I picked it. I've made you an admin, so you can browse and change the settings yourself. This forum kind of died out for a while, so anyone who is willing to participate and promote the site is welcome to do so. Complete backups are made 3x a week, so don't worry about messing something up.

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:lol: I'll try not to mess anything up. I'll try to make sure I know what I'm doing before I mess around with anything. (I'll also, of course, let you know beforehand if I'm going to make any significant changes.)

Hopefully I'll be able to help make this forum even better. As far as promoting the site, I'll do so whenever I have an opportunity--but that's unfortunately rare, since I don't meet too many Objectivists here in Utah or even on the internet.

Anyway, thanks again for setting this all up, I think it's a great idea. It gives Objectivists like me, who don't really know any other Objectivists in our daily lives, a chance to get to know others who hold the same views and discuss ideas with them. I love it! :)

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