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What kind of music do you enjoy?

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If the music score is my biggest beef with an AS movie, it will be a joyous day indeed!

As per my music tastes, there are the classics of course, but I have quite a few popular artists I like as well – such as Dave Mathews Band, Collective Soul, Bush, Tool, Garbage, and A Perfect Circle. I also like some of electronic, new-age, and techno artists out there, such as Daft Punk, Orbital, Enya, Bush, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani.

You actually listen to a band called Collective Soul(not to mention those other tribal disintegraters), and dare call yourself an Objectivist?

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You actually listen to a band called Collective Soul(not to mention those other tribal disintegraters), and dare call yourself an Objectivist?

:) Collective Soul is a pretty offensive name. But, hey, even the Red Army Chorus had some good songs ("The Internationale," for example).

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I like various kinds of music but my favorite genre is still heavy metal.

Some bands that I really like(d) during various times of their career are:

- Arch Enemy


- Iced Earth

- In Flames

- Iron Maiden

- Lacuna Coil

- Lordi

- Megadeth

- Metallica

- Nevermore

- Nightwish

- Opeth

- Pantera

- Quo Vadis

- Rammstein

- Slayer

- Slipknot

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I think the best music around is:

The Strokes - My favourite band, great music , great guitarists and good vocals. They also have very independant minds which you can see in this interview with yahoo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2FSbP_AsZg

Kings of leon - best song is rememo which is on there album so I cant give you a link, and Four kicks which can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MHNg8D_sHQ

Mars volta - televators is amazing, with great lyrics

Jeff buckley - so sad that he died at such a young age, best songs are forget her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scYenpbyJI0 and Hallelujah which can only be found live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xbY4WzcF_U

The postal service - such a great band with great lyrics. If your a bit down just listen to this song

Death cab - from the guy that did postal service, same style but with less electronica and more acoustic guitars.

We are scientists - Funny and great band. Best song is textbook but thats in there album so ill just post one of there hits live

and a funny interview

Leonard cohen - very depressing but good nonetheless, best song is famous blue raincoat.

Tenacious d - what can I say....... HAHAHA

I hope its ok I put the links up.

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You actually listen to a band called Collective Soul(not to mention those other tribal disintegraters), and dare call yourself an Objectivist?

The name is out of The Fountainhead:

The band's name comes from a term in part 4, chapter 11 of Ayn Rand's book The Fountainhead.

The main character, Howard Roark, is talking with Gail Wynand about the emptiness of his profession owning a popular newspaper chain... how all the money he makes is by feeding the people exactly what they want instead of expressing his own independent beliefs or personality.

Howard says:

"Gail... I didn't think that you'd ever admit that to yourself.""Why not? I knew what I was doing. I wanted power over a collective soul and I got it. A collective soul. It's a messy kind of concept, but if anyone wants to visualize it concretely let him pick up a copy of the New York Banner [the newspaper Wynand owns]."

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These are a couple of the greats I listen to.

Pink Floyd

Steely Dan

Pat Metheny

Neil Young



The Police

Robin Trower

Led Zeppelin

Eric Burdon and the animals

Jimi Hendrix

Eric Clapton


Derek and the Dominos

Blind faith

Don Henely

The Eagles

Dire Straits

Steve Wonder

Herbie Hancock

David Bowie

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Crosby Stills Nash and Young


Steve Winwood

Bob Dylan

The Band

Bonnie Raitt

Billy Preston

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones

The Beach Boys

BB King

Joni Mitchell

Lee Ritenour

Miles Davis

The Moody Blues

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Talking Heads

Tom Petty & the Heart Breakers

The Who

Muddy Waters

Grateful dead

Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention

Fleetwood Mac

Buddy Guy

Chris Rea

John Lee Hooker

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Here's my list of bands that I think are worth checking out. (Other than the obvious, there is no order to both lists.)

My Top 6 Bands:


Saint Etienne

Belle and Sebastian



VNV Nation

Other Great Bands:

Dead Can Dance

Kings of Convenience

Radio 4

Silversun Pickups

The London Suede




The Charlatans



New Order

The Stone Roses

The Strokes


Postal Service

The Pixies

Moving Units

The Jam



The Autumns




Bloc Party

LCD Soundsystem


The Clash



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I believe the best band at the moment is Interpol.
Remembered this from a while ago. I'm thoroughly enjoying their latest album. They have a strange cold or lonely quality, without "fatalistic" undertones. It's a perfect mix of the lead singer's voice and their instrument choice and style.
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I think that I am one of the youngest here, as many of you are into classical, and things that a teenager such as myself has not had a chance to mature into until recently. Personally, as far as Classical goes, I like Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner and Chopin. And the immortal Bach, of course.

But, I would be lying if I said that was what I listened to constantly. I am very much into Punk and Metal, as any young person is.

Here is a list of bands and such I find to be exceptional, not just from the styles I mentioned.

Bad Religion


The Vandals




Johnny Cash

All Three of the Hank Williams


Lamb of God

Agent Orange

Bloodhound Gang

Dead Kennedys

Minor THreat

Black Flag

Greg Graffin

Tom Waits

System of A Down

Rage Against The Machine

Screeching Weasel

Old Blink 182



Combat 84

Better Dead Than Red

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I'm open to a lot of music genres. But my taste really lies with jazz, classical, and progressive metal. One of my favorite prog metal bands is Dream Theater. They have beautiful music. With jazz I like people like Coltrane, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington. etc. But I need to say I love the rat pack most of all. They just are great.

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I'm open to everything really. I am an avid listener of all music and my (rather large) collection of music reflects that.

To elaborate on my favorite composers/musicians/bands, I would probably say that they would be:


Franz Liszt

Gustav Mahler

Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Maurice Ravel

Nikolai Kapustin

Richard Wagner

Sergei Rachmaninoff


Art Tatum

Count Basie

Dave Brubeck

Gordon Goodwin

John Coltrane

John Zorn

Miles Davis

Thelonious Monk


Brand New

Dream Theater

Iron Maiden

Meat Loaf



Pink Floyd



System of a Down

The Who

These are some of my favorites but there are a myriad of others whose music I enjoy. I also compose music myself, focusing most specifically on Neoromantic classical music. I was once told that I should change my name to Richard Halley and compose the Concerto of Deliverance. :P

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favorite music:

nine inch nails




massive attack

modest mouse

my bloody valentine

aphex twin


david bowie

velvet underground



dj shadow


tv on the radio

other stuff as well(not a band)

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Classic Country: Just about anything recorded prior to 1979 or so, Eddie Arnold, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, etc., etc. The older and sadder, the better.

Accoustic Blues: Something about electric instruments and blues just turns me off. Preferably recorded prior to 1940 or so, as they called it the Great Depression for a reason.

Bluegrass: Something about fast banjos just gets to me. That high mountain sound, well shucks...

Pop Music, 1920 to 1979, Inclusive: Not everything, but I'd put what I like as a majority, rather than a minority. Big band, swing, soul, doo-wop, girl groups, crooners, all that good stuff.

Indie Pop/Rock: This is the more modern stuff, The Decemberists, Of Montreal, Get Him Eat Him, Tullycraft, Bishop Allen, The Apples in Stereo, etc.

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Frank Zappa is the composer I admire most. I love all of his stuff, from the Jazz Fusion style he pioneered on Hot Rats, to the sonic experiments of Jazz From Hell to the blues and rock oriented stuff off of Apostrophe.

I also enjoy Gustav Mahler, Fran Liszt (his stuff is so over the top and I love it), Tchaikovsky, Paganini and Vivaldi. I also like Stevie Wonder, Metallica (especially the stuff Cliff Burton wrote), prog metal like Dream Theater and Kamelot and Jazz like Weather Report.

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I love all types of music (yes, even pop and rap), provided it is of a certain quality and can illicit in me a worthwhile response. I have to say my favorite genres over all are probably progressive rock and prog/opera metal. At least the kind that doesn't sound like incessant screaming. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy Beethoven's Ode to Joy or Mozart's Requiem.

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Well I have to put Bach and Rachmaninoff at the head of a list I could never end, but would start with authors such as







Thelonious Monk,

Pink Floyd (though it's sooooo malevolent in its every message!)

The Smashing Pumpkins (early days)

The first two albums of Garbage,

Sonic Youth



David Bowie

and sooo many more, it really depends on the time of my life, for example when I was 8-10 I loved Verdi, Puccini and Opera in general as unlikely as it may sound.

Of course I have to wrap it up with these two:


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