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Yaron Speech In Dallas

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Yaron's ARI speech was here in Dallas last night.

So, who all here went to that? Any comments regarding it?

Dean - it was nice to see you again at the speech. You reminded me that it has been over a year since I have last gotten together with area Objectivists. I have just been busy with other things. I got to see people again that I have not seen in many years - so that was very fun.

For those who live outside D/FW, Dr. Brook's speech is definitely a "must see" if and when it is offered in your area. His basic premise is that, as the Left continues to collapse, there exists a unique and finite window of opportunity for Objectivism to have a really good shot at getting a hearing and having an impact in the universities and, ultimately, the culture. Once that window of opportunity passes, however, the very worst elements on the Right will end up filling the vacuum and Objectivism will likely be shut out of the universities by the Right in the same way it was shut out for many years by the Left. He has a very specific plan for ARI to take advantage of that opportunity - and I think it is pretty brilliant. His Q&A afterwards was very interesting and he made some fascinating observations on a number of issues including the long term prospects for Europe and the changes taking place in China.

For anyone down in Austin who hasn't already heard, Dr. Brook will be giving the same speech there this evening at 7:30 at:

Hilton Austin

500 East 4th Street

Austin, TX 78701

(512) 482-8000

I noticed that a lot of people in attendance had to either leave early or left as soon as the speech ended - which is understandable considering it was held on a Sunday night and a lot of people have to get up early on Monday. A few of us who ended up hanging around afterwards ended up getting the unexpected privilege of going to dinner with Dr. Brook - and that was very cool. Here is a snapshot I took:


Clockwise from bottom left: Tom Miovas, Dean Cook, Yaron Brook, Gene Mason

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I was one of the unfortunates who had to leave right after the speech. Although I am already familiar with ARI's programs, I was motivated by the talk, and had an exciting fundraising idea as I was driving home, which I will share on the forum shortly…

Update: here.

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