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This post is to announce the creation of this sub-forum. Since I almost exclusively use "View New Posts", I missed the fact that this new sub-forum had been created two days ago. So, I'm highlighting it for others who might have missed it?

I'm not sure if this is the right place, but since this is not about a specific LTE, I think this is the best place to put my questions. I write well, and I follow current events, but I don't connect the two. I write letters-to-the-editor very rarely and keep them very narrow.

The first set of questions are for people who write and send letters to the editor, or letters to their elected officials.

1. Were you in the habit you had before you became an Objectivist? How long were you "intellectual" before you became "activist"?

2. What was the first LTE you wrote and sent? What was your favorite?

3. What do you get out of it?

The second set of questions are for anyone who reads LTEs.

1. What makes an LTE memorable? Not "good," but something that sticks in your brain?

2. Has an LTE ever changed your mind about anything? (I would say that it has never changed my mind, but I have seen good points that I might not have thought to use otherwise.)

Thank you in advance for any answers or help you have to offer.


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I recently started writing to Congress/President etc.. See this thread for details.

I do not write LTEs but they can be effective. A while back Mike's Eyes blogged about a letter to the editor that was picked up by a talk-show host. Myrhaf mentioned a blog post being linked to by Malkin. It struck me that the audience for such letters and posts is not the public at large but the "middle layer" of "opinion-formers". I know that talk-show hosts have staffs that read the popular blogs and newspapers, including LTEs and create talking points from there.

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