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Sloganize Yourself!

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Go to the following website.


Type in your name. Let us know what slogan you got. There are a lot of funny slogans that come out. I had fun with this yesterday inserting every name I could think of. Have Fun!

P.S. These were the slogans I got for my name! :lol:

"You Can Do It When You Isabel It."

"Don't you just love being in Isabel?"

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Kills All Known John Kerry - Dead.

Only John Kerry Can Prevent Forest Fires.

Sweet as the Moment When the Howard Dean Went "Pop"

I Think, Therefore Howard Dean.

Feel The Raw Naked George Bush Of The Road.

Make It A George Bush Night.

You're in Good Hands with Ralph Nader.

Ralph Nader Tested, Mother Approved.

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"Naughty, but Prometheus"

"Prometheus - It Does a Body Good"

"Kids Will Do Anything For Prometheus."

"The Prometheus That Likes To Say Yes."

"Lightening the Prometheus"

"Have You Had Your Dinesh Today?"

"It's Slightly Rippled with a Flat Dinesh"

"I Was a Dinesh Weakling"

"A Dinesh A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play."

Hmmmmm. No Comment :alien:


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"We don't make Hakarmaskannar, we make Hakarmaskannar better."

"A Hakarmaskannar's too wet without one."

"Let your fingers do the walking through the Hakarmaskannar."

"Top breeders recommend Hakarmaskannar."

"The Hakarmaskannar that likes to say Yes."

"Marvin the Mountie always gets his Hakarmaskannar."

Some slightly suggestive slogans for my name too but the first is the best :P

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Mine seem really weird, at least if I use my weird username...

"Made In Scotland From Prometheus98876."

"Prometheus98876 Not Included."

"Whatever You're Into, Get Into Prometheus98876."

"Do You, uh, Prometheus98876?"

"Don't Forget The Prometheus98876, Mum."

"Cuts Prometheus98876 Time in Half."

If I use my real name:

"Australians Wouldn't Give A Dwayne For Anything Else."

"Naughty, but Dwayne."

"Welcome To Dwayne Country."

"Dwayne with the Less Fattening Centres."

"Shake the Bottle, Wake the Dwayne."

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