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The universe is the set of all entities. To say that "something" is outside the universe means that there is "something" - an entity - that is outside the set of all entities. This a contradiction, of course, since that "something" must be part of the universe, and therefore cannot be outside it. Rather, the universe is an expanding balloon of relativity (with a radius of ~13 billion light years) within which time and space are meaningful concepts.Writes David at "Truth, Justice, and The American Way". The significance of this statement? Its applicability to God and his new nickname -- "Intelligent Design". (Hmmm. I thought nicknames were supposed to be shorter than full names. Oh, well..)From the other day:But the issue [the appropriateness of teaching the Bible in schools] goes much deeper than politics. The issue is metaphysical and epistemological. What is the nature of reality? I say existence...


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