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In Defense Of The "614"

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Oh good grief. :)

Rob, are you from Ohio? (I don't know why anyone that ISN'T from Ohio would root for the Bucks, but half the people I know around here are Michigan fans anyway, so clearly it doesn't have to make sense.)

Howdy All,

In answer to you question Ms. Snow, I am not from Ohio. In fact I have lived in many different places during my ride on the earth. However of all the places I have lived Ohio is the one place that I chose to live. Hell I even did it sight unseen. Course I was young, dumb, and well y’all know the rest of the expression. Yes I moved here following a woman that I was in love with. She graduated from OSU, and moved on, but I stayed.

I know there are more bucolic places to live. I moved here from the mountains of Colorado, back in ’92. (Yes, I was thinking with my secondary brain.)

I spent the early months of this year now passing out of the state, part of it hiking on the Appalachian Trial, the rest recuperating from knee problems in South Carolina with my kin. It was the longest period I had spent away from Ohio since I moved here.

In fact I was contemplating leaving Ohio, when I set out on my failed attempt to thru-hike the AT. (It is still on my list.) As funny as this may sound, I was sitting on a mountaintop in NC, when it occurred to me that Ohio was really not such a bad place. In fact I ran into another fellow from Ohio, and he and I got to talking. It was only then that I finally came out of the closet, and proclaimed with pride that I indeed am a Buckeye.

Honestly, Ohio has been very kind to me. I have never been homeless or gone hungry, even when the times got really lean. Unlike many people who are born and raised here, I moved here by choice, and see the value of the place.

For example; Powered flight was developed in Ohio, The first American in orbit is from Ohio, and the first human on the moon is from Ohio. Not to mention we bucks are second only to Virginia for presidents.

Sure we in central Ohio don’t have a professional football team, or a professional baseball team, but we can choose the Browns, the Bengals, the Indians or the Reds. Then again we can just root for the Buckeyes, and laugh at the pros.

Furthermore, if one is willing to work, one can always find a job, and usually well paying at that. As another imported friend of mine said to me once, if you can’t make at least $10 an hour you aren’t trying very hard. Course I try really hard, and make considerably more than that.

Columbus is the 15th largest city in the country. The largest city I have ever lived in. Too big you ask me, but the really impressive libraries make it worth while.

Not to mention the diversity of the city. All sorts of folks live here, folk from all over the world.

Oh, and over half the people at work are Michigan fans. After the “Big Game” they were much disheartened, and much poorer. Hell I even made a dollar on the game myself.

Finally, I might at some point leave the 614, and move somewhere else, but if I do not, and my ashes are scattered here, I will still think my life was well spent.


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I'm not "from" Ohio, either . . . I'm not from anywhere, and I'm here mostly by accident. I graduated high school at the same time that my father finished up his Ph.D. in engineering, and my family moved here for his job at Wright Patt Air Force Base. I was 16, with no job and no prospects, so I tagged along.

Eventually we got so annoyed with each other that they kicked me out of the house, so when they moved to Seattle so that my father could take a job at Boeing I stayed here (because I had a job at that point), and here I am still.

Ohio does beat Appalachia in that I'm not so allergic to everything here that I'm sick all the time. I think if I could live anywhere, I'd probably move to Hawaii, but the fact that I'm still in Ohio attests to the fact that it really isn't that bad. I think it's the State of the Middle Class. Everyone's always working. The truly poor are quite rare and most people live in the endless sprawling suburbs.

And btw what's a 614?

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And btw what's a 614?
Area code. Now, I came here from Seattle (WTF sort of a choice is that?) 'cuz of where the job is. The winter sux, but it's not a bad as Urbana Illinois, and the summer sux but it's not a bad as Urbana Illinois. Nothing is ever as good as Seattle, but real estate prices suck in Seattle and freeway traffic sucks even worse. If I felt like I needed to live in Chicago, LA or NYC, then of course I would be obsessed with the cowtown nature of this village (and Oh My God Jennifer, you live in Dayton, you so have my deepest sympathies). Seriously though, it's a pleasant enough place to live that I guess I will stay put once I retire. If you want to like in a horrible place, do time in New Haven, CT.
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Sure we in central Ohio don't have a professional football team, or a professional baseball team, but we can choose the Browns, the Bengals, the Indians or the Reds. Then again we can just root for the Buckeyes, and laugh at the pros.

I stick with the Dragons myself. :growl:


Lucky for me, David, I'm not living in downtown Dayton any more, but I still work there. My car insurance rates dropped 11 dollars a month!

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Howdy Ohio,

I stick with the Dragons myself. :growl:

What about the Flyers? They have a minority following here.

Not that I am a sports fan, but I do spend a lot of time driving around, and read bumperstickers to pass the time.

In fact I really don't support the Buckeyes so much as follow them. This town gets so pissy when they loose.


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