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Bringing About The Focus Of Achievement

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There is something on a small scale that I am nonetheless proud of that I did last week.

I am a hairstylist, and there is a forum for hairstylists that I am a member of. It's forum where we talk about everything that has to do with the industry, from new haircutting techniques, colors, products ect....

One day last week, I log on, and see this awful thread called "A series of unfortunate events". (!) The description was "Ever had a bad day where everything seems to go wrong? A color turned out bad, you get a moody client, your haircut is off....?"

Well, needless to say I was very repulsed at this topic. I can understand healthy venting where one can let off steam, and get constructive advice/discussion, but not a place where one just complains!

So, I wrote an e-mail to one of the moderators, and suggested we have a thread that discussed our achievements. Where we discussed why we are in this industry, what we love about it, and what our goals are. I told her that I think it would be great to be able to brag and share stories of our success, and accomplishments.

So, there is now a new thread entitled "I am so proud of...." :)

I am personally proud of this because I have done something to bring my values into my world. Let me elaborate.

Aside from many other things, I want a world where I can wake up, and be surrounded by proud people who are achieving, positive and are benevolent. I want to be able to share my successes with people who are worthy and can appreciate them........

So everytime I look at that thread, that is what I think of, and I smile to myself and love how receptive people have been to it!! ;)

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Actively shaping one's surroundings in the image of one's values and sense of life is very healthy and very worthwhile. For me, sometimes I do it to such an extent that I lose sight of the ugliness of "the outside world," only to be slammed down when I read some stupid article or listen to some stupid politician. Little things like what you did here add up to a nice sum at the end of the day, so keep it up! Just because the majority of the population doesn't value the things you might or as passionately as you might, doesn't mean you should subject your daily life to their point of view. Surround yourself with art, with friends, with history, with products of the mind--that is, if you want to keep your sanity. :)

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Carrie, thank you for your post. I think you are on exactly the right track. Life is -- in Ayn Rand's philosophical definition -- "self-sustained and self-generated action" -- but, in my personal definition, life, a proper life, is taking action to create all those things that support life, that make it better and longer for ourselves and those we value. That is what your action, in setting up a new thread, does for you and other achievement-oriented people. Again, thank you.

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Thank you both for your encouragement, and appreciation.

Felipe, I think that "Shaping ones surroundings in the image of one's values and sense of life" is the only thing to do if you are a value oriented person. It has taken a lot of work to even come to the point of actively pursuing values and having that as your main orientation towards life.

Yes, I have surrounded myself with beautiful art, amazing people and knowledge. But it still takes a lot to not let the negativity of the world bother me.


You are most certainly welcome. And I want to say, Thank you, for being an inspiration to me. From what I know of your writing and what you write about, you are a very worthy role model. I love to read all your posts. They wonderfully exemplify good, clear, prestine thinking. I learn a lot from what you have to say.

~Carrie~ AKA~ free spirit

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That's really wonderful Carrie, a perfect example of a passionate value-seeker. By not only seeking values, but also by being passionate about the values sought, a great difference was probably made in your life, and yet another way in which you can transform your world for the better.

It really addresses all of the important things in life -- really caring about your values, being pro-active in making sure your values flourish, and also, just as importantly, projecting a sense of efficacy, that you can and do affect the world in a significant and positive way. :D

Btw, Burgess is great, I think we all are grateful to have him :)

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Carrie, A question from a curious ignorant guy [and one who's had hair cut at the same shop for the last 12 years]...

In your current work, do most of your customers (I'm assuming they mostly women) come in to keep the same look/cut or do they often want to change. "Often" not from their perspective, but from yours. That is to say, how often in a day or week does some customer ask for advice about a change of style, something that gets the creativity going? Just curious.

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