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Hello from Bainbridge Island, WA

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Hello I'm Elle. I'm a first year college student working with my Dad to run a small business in investment consulting and research. I'm geared towards an economics major at the moment, but I'm sure anyone in school knows what it feels like feeling out your major in your first year. I'm looking forward to exchanging thoughts with you.


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Welcome to the forum Elle!

I graduated with an econ undergrad degree myself -- I'd be interested in what kind of economics they teach at your school.

One thing I would suggest is to dual major in political science, if your school is not too leftist – it provides a nice balance to all the math you’ll be doing, and an edge over the competition.

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Welcome to the forum Elle.

I definitely know what it's like to switch what one will be doing with one's major!

I started out by thinking that I wanted to major in psychology. As I came to read more philosophy and understand more about psychology, I wanted to double major in psychology and philosophy. That changed to a major in philosophy, minor in psychology. As I learned more, I realized that psychology really did not have anything that I was looking for, and I abandoned it in favor of political science. So at that point my thought was philosophy major, political science minor. After taking two political science classes, I was thoroughly disgusted with the field (in that they deal with political societies as the base unit, not the individual).

This semester I have become enamored with history and classical studies. First, my idea was to major in philosophy, minor in history. As I learned more about classical studies (the ancient world of Greece, Rome, etc.) I became even more interested in that. So, I decided to major in philosophy, and double minor in history and classics (that is my current major/minor situation).

Recently, I discovered that the minor requirement is waived for double majors, which has led me towards the possibility of a double major in philosophy and classical studies, with a possible history minor.

So what I've wanted to do with my major/minor has changed about 7 times (I probably missed some changes in there). :)

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It's reassuring to hear people considering a lot of the same paths that have been appealling to me lately.

Since I'm a first year student and currently at a community college, the biggest focus has been getting graduation requirements out of the way so that I'll be apply to apply directly to a major (or dual major) when I transfer. The three majors whose requirements I'm planning to fill within the next year, before I transfer to a 4 yr. college, are Philosophy, Economics, and Physics.

The community college experience is definitely not my ideal educational experience, but Washington's direct transfer program makes it so much more affordable. This year I'm at Olympic College, in Bremerton, and next year I'll be going to Seattle Central Community College which is right in downtown Seattle.

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