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What Is "globalization" Globalizing?

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What is "Globalization" Globalizing? Global Capitalism's Engine of Cultural Progress

by Robert Tracinski

The mainstream American press is beginning to discover the new New World--that is, it is beginning to discover the new identity of the Old World, including the oldest Old World of all: the Far East.

The East once represented the most exotic, un-Western culture there was--and also, seemingly, the most ancient and unchanging culture, unreachable by Western influence. As Kipling told us, East was East and West was West.

But not anymore.

The name the media has given this phenomenon is "globalization." "Globalization" means the creation of a global economy in which the most remote and culturally distinct nations are joined together by a vast network of international trade...

But this is an odd, evasive term that does not clearly name what is happening. It seeks to name the fact that something is spreading across the globe. But it also seeks to avoid naming what that something is.

What is "globalization" globalizing?

The answer explains why the press doesn't want to name it: what is being globalized is capitalism--and all of the value associated with capitalism.

"Globalization" represents the slow but inexorable, unstated but largely unresisted recognition that free markets, property rights, and unrestrained international trade--i.e., global capitalism--is the system that produces prosperity and a vibrant, optimistic, benevolent, forward-looking society.

The entire article is here.

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