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King Kong (2005)

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This comic, I feel, accurately encapsulates the message of Kong, which I have to say I have something of an issue with. I'm having something of a hard time believing that man is some kind of "monster" for trying to get a giant goddamn gorilla off the Empire State building. When you get right down to it, it's an animal "rights" issue [i use the term loosely], the supporting logic for which I've always found shakey at best.

Still, I'm probably going to go see it; I want to see how well Jack Black handles a serious leading role.

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I thought Jack Black did pretty well for his first serious role. I agree with styles that it was too long. At one point I had to get up and move. I can't sit still for that long. But the action sequences, the effects and even the story was well done. I thought they didn't lean too much on the animal rights stuff. It seemed like an odd love story between gorilla and woman more than anything. Especially with that last line "it was beauty that killed the beast".

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I haven't seen it yet but I've heard some claims that the movie is "racist" because of its portrayal of the African natives. Is there even a sliver of truth to that?

Seeing as how they were nowhere near Africa, I would have to say "No."

As far as the "racist portrayal," Africa or no, I say, "Absolutely." Peter Jackson did a fine job of accurately portraying the mentality and correspondingly vicious behavior of a "race" of savages.

Anyone who wants to scream about portraying savages as savages could better put their lecherous mouths to use by praising the men of the mind for not going strike (yet). I doubt the natives they claim to defend would be so benevolent.

The savages in the movie, though, as wild and vicious as they were, were remarkably able craftsmen...

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This version of King Kong is excellent. The beginning, though a bit long, sets up bulk of the film beautifully giving profound insight to the character of its main players and the time period in which they live. Kong himself is fantastically astounding, from his mind blowing CG, movements, and facial expressions to his intimate portrayal of his love for beauty.

The CG is excellent, the acting is good, the action is riveting, the thrills are frequent, and Kong is both terrifyingly violent and heartwarmingly sweet. King Kong is a superb romantic action movie about a beast’s extraneous affection for beauty.

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