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Somebody Please Welcome Me

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I probably 'know' a lot of people on this forum. If you know me (how many people do you know named Sev, anyway?) then speak up. And if you don't, why not welcome me anyway!

Name: Sev

Age: 26 (darn, almost 27)

Nationality: American (99%)-Armenian (1%)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: eBay auctioneer; US Army Reserves

Favorite non-AR book: the Hobbit

Favorite AR book: can I say all of them? :)

What I'm reading now: OPAR (been re-reading it for the last three years); The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

What's in the CD player now: MP3s of all my MIDI files of all my video game music; IQ; Spock's Beard

Hobbies: playing drums, working on car, reading books

Favorite places to shop: Home Depot, IKEA, the 99 cent store

Favorite place in the world: between my four walls

Favorite TV show: present: G4 TV; past: Star Trek (TNG)

Purpose in Life: OK, let's not spoil it all for everyone in my first post

How I learned about Objectivism: in 1998, after reading AS, the inside of the back cover had information about ARI. I sent in for information, went to ARI events, became an Objectivist.

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Unfortunately there's not a strange welcoming custom in Ohio, besides the generic American one of "So did you eat yet?" followed by, regardless of your answer "I have soda, do you want some soda? Juice? There's water . . ." (like you're supposed to be surprised that there's water) and "I could whip up some sandwiches really quickly . . ." then "OH! Let me hang up your coat . . ."

My personal least favorite is the traditional "make yourself at home" which no one ever does because, duh, it's not their home.


Ummm . . . when I've had sugar I tend to be a little . . .crazy.

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