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I would like to commission two essays at the price of $20 per essay.

The topic of the first essay is to be the Objectivism's defense of atheism on metaphysical grounds. There should be a focus on the axioms of existence and their incompatibility to the concept of 'god.'

The topic of the first essay is to be the Objectivism's defense of atheism on epistemological grounds. There should be an emphasis on the arguement from faith and reason's dismissal of it, as well as a paragraph or so on the nature of reason and mans need of it.

Both essays should be written with an audience of atheists in mind, but requiring no prior knowledge of objectivism. The purpose of the essays will be placement on a website that shows that Objectivism is the only consistent basis of atheism and will serve as an Objectivist outreach program to atheists.

The essays do not have to come from the same author, feel free to submit articles for one or both catagories.

Please send your essay's for consideration to [email protected]

Payment: Payment for the selected articles will be made by money-order upon approval

PS Feel free to email or PM me with any questions or considerations.

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