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Hello Everyone,

I've just joined, and I was hoping I could find some other Objectivists in the Silicon Valley area. There's a Yahoo group for Bay Area Objectivists (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bayobjectivists/), but it's a little dead, and I'm hoping to liven it up. I was just interested in finding a group of fun Objectivists to hang out with, nothing really formal right now. Just people to go out to dinner with, enjoy a movie, and a decent group to relax with when the world gets you down a little bit. The last time I tried this, I think the guys that showed up were looking for girlfriends :D so just to be clear, I'm married :dough: Both my husband and I are Objectivists and new to the area, so we're just to make a home for ourselves. Let me know if you're interested! And if you're not in the area, let me know if you have fun friends that are! They don't have to be Objectivist, just honest and nice...


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