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Remember The Titans

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"Remember the Titans" was on TV recently. Remembering that Betsy had said it was a better sports movie than "Hoosiers", I decided to see it; and, I'm happy I did. "Hoosiers" was good, but "Remember the Titans" had better plot and characterization.

It's a movie about a high-school football team, and is based on a true story. This isn't a regular coaching movie. This one adds an element of race/prejudice. Set in the era of "school busing", black and white students are sharing a school and must now be a team. Is it even possible? To add to the mess, a black coach (Denzel Washington) is brought in, superseding the white coach.

Adding a racial twist and setting it a few decades back in time makes things easier for the writers, since it provides ready-made tension and some ready-made plot. Still, since this is based on a true story, we can let that go.

It's a great movie full of strong boys and strong men.

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I'll have to keep a look out for it in the sales as it sounds like an interesting film.

If you are interested in a similar film with a strong cast/script/plot based on a true story check out 'Coach Carter' with Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role. It's a good film with a great underlying sense of ethics.

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