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new campus club site: FSU Objectivism

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I thought it'd be a good idea to put something about my club's web site here as my first post. The club was just formed this January at Florida State University, and we've already got a speaker coming by - Andrew Bernstein will give a lecture on Global Capitalism in a few weeks here.

FSU Objectivism

I've been thinking of reworking the layout a bit, organization isn't as tight as I'd like it to be. Any thoughts?

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Use Html to specify how your document is structured.

Use Css to specify all the appearance/layout you want you site to have: font, color, background-color, size, posiiton, padding/margin/border/outline. Keep all the Css together either in a <style> tag or in a linked stylesheet.

That makes both major revisions and minor tweaking a lot easier.

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