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Taxation And Police - Freedom Vs Security?

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Hello :)

I recently got in objectivism and was (positivly) surprised about this completely different view.

What I am wondering about is if it is really possible to reach a 0% taxation, especially in connection with security, i.e. the police.

When there is no taxation the state will have to rely on donations. But even when ignoring the free-rider problem (all in all big corporations do have an interest in a general low crime rate) wouldn't the motivation for an individualistic approach for security be much higher than donating money? What I mean is: The most rational approach (in the case of a big corporation) would be to hire an own security firm or (in the case of an 'average citizen') simply to buy a gun. What is even worse is that those with much capital, i.e. those who profit the most from security, will not only rather pay for their own police force than donating money but also profit from any general police force outside of their property because the less crime the more rationality is honored and the more rational decisions can be made which helps the economy in general.

And even if there are donations the risk of corruption rises, security firms will try to sell their own security equipment to the police by bribing officials with donations or by a simple dependance of the people of these corporations.

Total privatized police is also no solution, this is corporatism / anarcho-capitalism.

The only solution I came up with was that a very low, but still forced, taxation is necessary to secure the system itself.

What do you think?

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Why do those that respect others rights have to pay for law enforcement? The system is designed for the criminal. Allow the criminal to pay for it.

Good point, thank you, didn't thought of that.

@softwareNerd: :) I'll do that :)

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