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First Edition Atlas Shrugged At Half Price Books

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I was in the Half Price Books location near Ridgmar Mall in West Fort Worth yesterday and noticed a copy of Altas Shrugged in a display case. The card attached said that it was a first printing of the first edition. Price tag: $1,000.

I don't keep up with the price of Ayn Rand collectibles so I couldn't tell you whether this is a reasonable price or not. The book was in what I presume is its original dust jacket and I could see a little bit of wear on the upper portion of the dust cover. Since I will not be buying it, I did not ask for a closer inspection. But perhaps someone else in the area might be interested.

The location is at:

6912 Ridgmar Meadow Rd.

Fort Worth, TX 76116-1513


If you go, the display case is located at the end of the "Books On Tape" aisle.

If one knows what one is doing, one can occasionally come across some real finds at Half Price Books. A friend of mine picked up for 25 cents at the Hulen Street location in Fort Worth a VERY rare 78 rpm record in Excellent condition which would easily fetch him $150 if he were to put it up for sale. It was mixed in, unsleeved, with a pile of utterly worthless junk records. Whenever I am in a Half Price Books which has 78s, I will usually take the time to sort through them. Almost all of them are junk - but I have occasionally found some stuff worth taking home.

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