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The next big environmental scare

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Guest bartwart

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Guest bartwart

I was reading an article from The Economist about how environmental activists are becoming aware of the "hazards" of nanotechnology. Unfortunately I can't link to the article now because it's dated and considered premium content that must be paid for in order to be viewed.

Essentially, studies were done that demonstrated "bucky balls" were suffocating aquatic life when dumped into their habitats in absurdly high quantities. The article also when into how other nano-sized machines could possibly enter our body with unknown consequences. IIRC it even mentioned Michael Crichton's book on the subject where self-replicating nano-machines turned the whole surface of the planet into a gray goo.

Well, folks, get ready for the environmentalists to start raising their skirts over their heads again. This could be bigger than the aesbestos scare and GM foods scare combined.

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