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NATO And Israel

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I read somewhere that a good way to prevent Iran from attacking Israel, would be for NATO to accept Israel as one of its members. I can certainly see why a lot of European countries would not want Israel to join, because European capitals would then join Jerusalem as potential targets for Iranian nukes. And I'm sure they are not eager to risk anything for a "free" ally who's already being protected by the U.S. Still, in my opinion it would only be fair to include them in NATO, yet I haven't really seen anything in the news that would indicate any plans to do so.

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Israel in NATO has been repeatedly brought up over the years. If jpost.com has an archive section then you might be able to read some opinions on it. The point normally has been the long term defense of Israel, primarily against a joint Arab attack, rather than dealing with Iran now.

Anyway, I don't think Israel can be admitted until its "final" borders are determined, and that will require, if the current European and American mindset is any indication, the creation of Palestine. So, this would be some years down the road - especially since the current Palestinian leadership does not appear to support a two-state solution unless Israel accepts the the 1967 borders and the "right of return" of refugees - neither of which is currently acceptable to Israel.

- Keith

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