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Black. White.

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A black family and a white family, through the use of special effects makeup and acting coaches, trade races.


Premieres Wednesday at 10pm ET on FX.

What possible purpose could this show have? Honestly, I'm at a complete loss for words.


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I'm hardly a reality TV fan, but I really like the idea, and from the preview, it looks like the make-up artists made a pretty good job.

I'll be watching it tomorrow (especially since it's right after Lost), thanks for the heads up.

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I'm watching this show right now, and it's pretty interesting, actually.

The white dad, who's been masquerading as black hasn't had what the black dad says is "the black experience." Bruno said he didn't feel any different because he identified that he wasn't walking into a situation - shopping for a car, for instance - thinking he was going to be treated differently. "I'm going to approach the situation not as a black man, but as Bruno."

Already the individualism card has been played. It will be interesting to see what tactics are used to tear that down.

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I see a problem in that it's being done in Southern California. How much overt racism is really there? Why aren't they doing the show in Mississippi or Alabama, I'd bet you get a different result there.

Other than that, it *is* entertaining, especially the talkative intellectual/liberal white girl.

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