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Paul Spaeth

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I have recently stumbled upon this pianist composer after finding one of his songs on a really old mixed sample CD (which was thinly disguised as something else of course <_< ).

Here is what Riffage.com is quoted to have said about his music at some stage (at least according to his website):

"His melodies will sweep you away and absorb you. Paul Spaeth's songs each have a magical tale to tell. Each powerfully communicates intense, multi-layered emotions to its listeners through beautifully-crafted melodies and effervescent delivery...You do not hear his music, you experience it."

I agree with their assessment of his music based on the few of his songs that I have so far downloaded. I would strongly reccommend him to anyone who likes, soft[er], sweeping classical music. If you want to find out more, go this his website:

Paul Spaeths Website

Or go here to listen to sample tracks or to download Low/Hi fi tracks:

Sample Tracks

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Yes, quite true, his themes are not always the easiest to discern (and I am really hardly an expert on this, I am a programmer, music is a lesser interest so this might be partially my own inexpertise). And some of his pieces are not quite as consistently good, however overall he is pretty good.

Some of this better pieces that I would suggest are:


Prelude to a Dream



Although I have yet to download some of the newer sample tracks from his website..I guess I could go do that now.

NOTE: I think it is far to warn you that the website given in the first link is poorly designed and not the easiest to use as you have some flash menus at the side and a tiny little square to work with, so go when your are in a patient mood, I for one do not find it to be a very usuable website.

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