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Hello. I found this forum just today while looking for some answers, and I think it may be just what the doctor ordered. I'm an atheist and anarchist... the anarchism being the only reason I don't consider myself objectivist. To be short... I used to be driven and dynamic, and I've becomd stagnant and unhappy. I'm looking for a few things I knew at one time but hadn't defined (thus they didn't stick) and hope to find them sooner by being here and talking and debating with everyone.

I hope I can get along with all the administrators here, as they're the only ones I usually ever have a problem with. I hope this forum is as free as it should be. If it is I'll enjoy myself and everyone here, I'm sure.


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Welcome to the forum. I can sympathize with your situation, and I hope what you're looking for can be found here.

Can you elaborate on what you mean here:

I hope this forum is as free as it should be. If it is I'll enjoy myself and everyone here, I'm sure.
This forum is provided at the pleasure of its owner. So, any freedom here (or lack thereof) is rightly left to his discretion. What that freedom consists of is determined by the purpose he sets for the forum. Whether the freedom here achieves his purpose, or whether the purpose itself is worth achieving, is something we may all judge for ourselves.

As I understand it, the purpose of this forum is to provide an place of exchange for those who are interested in learning and or practicing Objectivism. As such, open antagonism to O'ism and its creator, among other things antithetical to this purpose, are not welcome.

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Usually I get in trouble for "ad hominems" while trying to get someone to come to a head on what they are or are not. The last discussion I had that could have something demonstrable as to what I'm talking about was me calling someone a hypocrite, because they were waivering between saying reality was subjective to what people think, then it wasn't. I usually get red flagged on the hypocrite part. I also got banned from some objectivist chat room for talking to more than one person at a time, then arguing with the room owner (not sorry for that).

Either way, if I post enough you'll see what I'm talking about, and can judge it to be good or bad firsthand.

(Edit: Removed quote of entire previous post - sNerd)

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