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The Venezuelan John Galts

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a bit belated maybe, but I hadnt heard of John Galt in 2002, and certainly hadn't read this article, much less understood its philosophical portents. Theres only one thing I'd raise a question about.

In a disorganized and chaotic fashion, without any single leader or political party, the people (known as "the opposition") have taken a page out of Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged, and tried to answer an important question in that literary masterpiece: what would happen if the productive forces laboring under a despotic government went on strike and ceased subsidizing their own subjugation?

The question in Atlas Shrugged is not what would happen if "the productive forces laboring under a despotic government" went on strike, but the men of the mind. I too am interested too see what has happened since then. Is this guy dead yet?

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]What guy? [

By the way this was in 2003 so there is good chance the movement was shot down (pun?). But isn't this better? It isn't the men of the mind desering the rejecting masses, it's a large group of people all realizing the good of individualism and fighting the Marxist Chavez. It was started by the high bussinesmen though.

The origional artical wasn't written by capitalism magazine, but this artical (a follow up) was: Atlas Shrugs in Venezuela

This explains with more detail how much like Atlas Shrugged it really is.

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