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Objectivist Academic Center (OAC) deadline April 16, 2006

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From Debi Ghate, Ayn Rand Institute:

This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting an application to the Objectivist Academic Center (OAC) is April 16, 2006.

The undergraduate program is designed for high school and college students who want to systematically study philosophy and Objectivism while developing their thinking and communication skills. The program offers students an unique opportunity to study one-on-one with leading Objectivist intellectuals and to get individualized feedback. OAC students are also eligible for other specialized ARI programs such as conference scholarships, graduate advisors and teaching skills workshops. We have also just entered a pilot program whereby students can get college credit for OAC courses, which will lighten the courseload students will have to take at their universities or colleges.

For more information about the OAC, as well as for a link to the online application, please visit www.aynrand.org/academic

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The recent issue of "Impact" (Mar 2006) says that one OAC course, "Introduction to Philosophy" will be offered via the web-based program of Chapman University in Orange county. This is a pilot, only open to OAC students. If this goes well, it might be opened to others in the future.

If some OAC courses are offered through an accredited university, OAC students should be able to earn college credits for those courses. That's got to be a good thing.

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