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Edward Cline To Appear On Koa 850 Radio In Denver

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Originally posted by Nicholas Provenzo from The Rule of Reason,

Edward Cline's essay "Reality catches up with art" caught the attention of the Mike Rosen Show, KOA 850 in Denver, and Cline has subsequently been invited to appear on it this coming Wednesday the 29th, from noon to 1 p.m. Eastern Time.

The show can be listened to over the internet (go to 850KOA.com for details).

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Plug time... these days, I'm enjoying Cline's second book in the Sparrowhawk series and liking it even better than the first one, which was good. These are set in England, in colonial times. I just love, Hugh Kenrick, the young hero of Sparrowhawk-II. Halfway through the book, it is a pleasure to see him grow into such a man!

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I've read all the Sparrowhawk series so far (its up to the fifth book, with the sixth and final book to be released within the next year if I remember correctly). I think the first two books were my favorite, but all of them have been worthwhile. Even though it is fiction, Cline follows the actual history closely. I've learned a lot about colonial America and the political leadup to the Revolution through Sparrowhawk.

I highly recommend the entire series (which are all sequels to one another). My only warning: have a dictionary nearby. Ed Cline has a massive vocabulary, and he isn't afraid to use it.

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