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Mandatory Health Insurance In Massachusetts

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I had this on my blog...but wanted to post here as well regarding this topic:

MAss Insanity only gets worse

Okay...here is another article that makes the whole health insurance issue in Mass even scarier:

Health bill premiums may exceed predictions

Health Bill Premiums May Exceed Predictions

Hmmm...so no high deductible plans allowed....so they are cutting out choices, so they will only have high premium insurance plans....not very smart.

Interesting article.

Unbelievable. I lived in NH for most of my life, but at one point, had health insurance on a MA plan...it was crazy to deal with. I wonder how many companies close to the NH border will finally jump ship and go up to the income tax and health insurance tax free zone. NH has its own set of problems, but at least it doesn't smack businesses and individuals down for not having health coverage (yet...I hope that is never!)

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Here's some horror stories from the model country when it comes to totally "Free" healthcare - Sweden:

1. A man got his leg amputated because a hospital failed to treat him in time. The man, who suffered from diabetes, received no treatment despite the obvious risk of gangrene that followed from his poor blood circulation. The subsequent investigation, set up by the hospital's owner, put out a warning to the two doctors involved, stating that the man would still have his leg had he been treated in time.
2. A hospital has on its own account investigated into the possibilities of premature deaths among patients waiting in line for a by-pass surgery. For those that aren't lucky enough to end up in what the hospital determines to be the "fast lane," the waiting time is about 4½ months. It was found that during the 4 years of 1995–1998, 77 patients died while waiting in line. The conclusion of the study was that perhaps the hospital needs to coordinate its activity on a national level with other hospitals of the same ownership. In that way, they would be able to better judge who were going to end up in the fast lane (and, thus, who wouldn't).

3. After having had to wait for a long time, a man was told by a hospital that he had cancer and that the tumor was malignant. It could neither be treated by surgery nor in any other way. – This tumor will kill you, he was told. He was offered the necessary pain relief. Fortunately, the man was very wealthy. He just got on a plane and flew to a place where these kinds of tumors could be treated. He had surgery in a couple of days, and instead of the prospect of death after only 45 days in the care of the first hospital, he now can look forward to many more years of living.

4. When it was time to give the twin birth, a pregnant woman and her husband, living in a small town, were told that there were no beds available at the hospital. This particular hospital was in the neighboring town, since they had already earlier been refused to give birth in their hometown. However, the hospital had made a general promise that they should be able to give birth somewhere. They were taken to the famous hospital in a larger city about 150 km away, but also there they were refused to give birth, despite the fact that it had the same owner. Instead the hospital sent them abroad by helicopter to another hospital with a different owner, but with which the first hospital had some kind of agreement. When they finally arrived, it turned out that the twins were stillborn.

After this tragic event, the hospital refused to fly the couple back to their home country or hometown. The hospital only arranged for helicopter in emergencies, and when the necessary care in relation to a child's birth is finished, the hospital has no obligations, they where told. Instead, the unfortunate couple had to arrange with flight tickets back home. Normally, deceased persons are generally transported in a sealed zinc coffin in the trunk of the airplane, but as the couple didn't want it that way, they instead were provided a small coffin that was put in a bag. The airline company, that happened to be the property of the owner of that foreign hospital, acted courteously and left two rows clear in front of the grieving couple. Well back home, the hearse the hospital had promised didn't arrive, so the couple had to take a taxi to get all the way home.

The subsequent investigation, set up by the hospital's owner, reached the conclusions that the behavior of the hospitals, from a medical point of view, had been correct. In retrospect, the investigation could also conclude that the quality of the reception when the couple arrived back home with the flight could have been better. Another conclusion was that the outcome of the birth itself wasn't affected by the fact that the couple had been sent to a hospital in another country, but that this admittedly must have been strenuous for them. Finally, the investigation stated that the hospital had to find new routines for how to handle complicated international flights in general.

You can't go to a private doctor in Sweden, even if you could still afford to do it after paying 102% taxes - private practices are illegal down there...

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There's also the example of the U.K. -- there are people from there who go all the way to India to be treated. One can understand someone from the U.S. getting treated elsewhere, to save money. However, when someone turns down a free operation and flies a few thousands of miles from home, one can conclude that they aren't thrileld with their free healthcare.

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However, when someone turns down a free operation and flies a few thousands of miles from home, one can conclude that they aren't thrileld with their free healthcare.

You get what you pay for... (and not even that, in this case, because you are paying some serious taxes for crap service)

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This isn't limited to Mass. Here in Arkansas the governor decided socialist health care would be a great idea and began legislation to get the ball moving.

We are already 49th in everything except taxes, there we are around 11th per capita, thanks in part to this former Babtist preacher's stance that those who have money have a responsibility for paying the ways of those without, no matter why they are without. After all, that is what Jesus would want.

He is a Republican, and he is running for president.

This is only the begining. Too many parasites in this nation will give their support to those who promise the unearned wealth of others, while those who know it is evil will remain silent out of fear of being called raciest, or cruel, or un-Christian, for polititians not to take advantage.

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