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How long before the fundies come out screaming that it's a fake?

My boss (a Muslim) has already rejected the discovery because it goes against Creationism. As an aspiring social scientist, it's a little sad that he doesn't understand the scientific method any better...he begins with a conclusion and uses it to reject the evidence.

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My boss (a Muslim) has already rejected the discovery

Surprise, surprise. My former Muslim co-worker doesn't believe in evolution, either. And this is someone who is a molecular biologist. All these religious people have a lot in common, Christian or Muslim.

As for the funding showing that this science is bogus, there probably won't be much. There will simply be denials and assertions, as with any politically or religiously or ideologically motivated people that don't like the truth. All they will do is ridicule and demand more proof. They will demand that scientists make cells that function. Then when scientists do that, they will say, "But these cells aren't exactly like real cells. Make those!" Then when scientists do that, they will demand that scientists make multicellular organisms. Then when they do that, they will demand that scientists cause cells to evolve into multicellular life, and from that multicellular life, form a human. Of course, none of this will ever happen, and even if it could the scientists would be accused of being "unethical" and of playing God and such, and all of this will be enough "evidence" for them that "intelligent design" must be true.


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I'm going to see if I can get into one of Shubin's classes next year :) An amazing discovery. Come on though - has anyone really expected religious zealots to embrace evidence contrary to their beliefs? People I know insist that it was Noah's flood that makes fossiles appear to be older then they are. All I can do is laugh - their ignorance is almost comical. You wonder how people can consistently practice doublethink without going insane - to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time. If I didn't see it every day I would have said it was impossible.

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When I read the title I thought this thread was going to be about the Anti-Concept Mentality, forgetting what section of the forum I was in. It's funny that we can talk about the evolutionary missing link and then see how it correlates with anti-concept mentalities (Creationists)

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