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Tax Day

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Originally posted by Martin Lindeskog from EGO,

Have you filed your taxes? Read Richard Ralston's article, Health Care on Tax Day: How Government Spending Damages Your Health.

What will you do on Tax Freedom Day on April 26? Here is an excerpt from Patrick Graham's article, When do you start working for yourself?

The highest tax burden can be found in Connecticut, which won't celebrate Tax Freedom Day until May 12.

In fact, in general the Tax Foundation found that the lower tax burdens were in the Southern states, while states in the Northeast had some of the highest tax burdens.

Just one more reason to proudly proclaim: Southern by the grace of God.

So, if you don't have your taxes done, get on it. You are quickly running out of time.

And get back to work. There are still a couple of weeks to go before you can start keeping some of what you earn. (WaltonTribune.com, 04/15/06.)

Here is an interesting historical tidbit from ShopFloor.org: The Manufacturers' Blog:

April 15 is also the anniversary of Leonardo DaVinci's birth and the day Lincoln died. McDonald's served its first hamburger on this date, so there's a manufacturing connection for you die hards. (blog.nam.org, 04/15/06.)

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