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"top 10 Junk Science Stories Of The Past Decade"

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Originally from The Charlotte Capitalist ™,

Reader Suzanne Stallings shares the Top 10 Junk Science Stories Of The Past Decade:

PETA's "Milk-Stealing Ming," for example, was depicted with his mouth attached to an unhappy cow's udder, alongside a "wanted poster" describing his crimes and exclaiming, "cows make milk for their babies, not for maniacs like Ming."


But even if lab animals were reasonable predictors of cancer risk in humans -- a notion yet to be validated -- someone of average bodyweight would have to eat 35,000 potato chips (about 62.5 pounds) per day for life to get an equivalent dose of acrylamide as the lab animals.

Lots more. Be sure to scroll down to number 10 to see the biggest one.

I think we will look back at bird flu, maybe not as junk science -- it has killed people after all, in a similar vein. Hysteria driven by ignorance of the facts.

In the long run, I think we will all look back at much of late 20th century, early 21st century the way we look back at the mystic Dark Ages.

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