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April 14th, 2005

LePortSchools is seeking full- and part-time teachers for a variety

of subjects in our upper elementary and junior high division (Grades

4–8) to join our staff in September, 2006.

A thriving private school with 200 students, LePortSchools operates

three campuses in beautiful Southern California. Our website is


LePortSchools is a warm learning environment that attracts bright,

well-mannered students and informed parents. The right candidate can

anticipate training and on-going mentoring; a well-prepared,

stimulating curriculum; and small class sizes. LePortSchools offers

health and dental coverage, generous vacation time, and competitive


Ideal candidates will possess:

· An interest in mastering a rigorous academic curriculum

· A desire to convey knowledge to young minds

· Strong communication and interpersonal skills

· An enthusiastic and productive work ethic

Teaching certification is not required, but preference will be given

to candidates who have experience working with children.

Familiarity with Objectivism is also preferred, but not required.

While all applicants are thanked for their interest, only those chosen

for interviews will be contacted. No phone calls, please. Resumes

and cover letters should be emailed to:

Lindsay Joseph

Executive Director, LePortSchools' Upper Elementary and Junior High

E-mail: [email protected]

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The resource pages are organized heirarchically. This is "natural" but links lose visibility.

It would be cool is someone (with better graphic skills than me) could put together a simple single page with all the links. This could be done compactly if most text were tooltips, regular display. Think something along the lines of a well-organized "million-dollar page".

So, for instance a little map of the US would be all one had for "Clubs", with tiny dots of different colors, for university clubs and for other groups. Hovering the mouse on a dot would show the club name, as a tool-tip.

Sorry to take the original thread off-topic.

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David, I should have said, I wish there were schools like that in my area...as in Plano...

Franco's school that I know of is too far away for us, but they have a good site. He offered me and Travis some excellent advice regarding kids not too long ago. I am hoping to incorporate it into a thread in the near future either hear or at the NTOS site, or maybe both.

I am in the process of trying to find a Montessori school for my youngest nearby. I haven't visited or interviewed any yet, so I don't know which ones if any or Objectivist in nature, but will make sure I report any that I find here.

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