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Pandora(and The Music Genome Project)

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Som Guy

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It's an internent radio that plays music based on what the music you tell it you like using The Music Genome Project to find music with similar qualities. At first it might play a lot of music you don't like, but you can skip songs you don't like as well as prevent them from being played again. So far I've been VERY satisfied with this site and even paid the voluntary donation rather than using it for free because of how much I enjoy it. I'd say it's worth a try if you want to find some new bands to listen to.

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That's definitely a favorite site of mine now. It's hooking me up with some really interesting music (jazz/electronica, jazz, and prog-rock). As soon as I have some extra cash, I think I'll donate a bit. Definitely a top notch music site.

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I tried "Beethoven" and it gave me modal jazz. I tried "Ludwig van Beethoven" and it asked me if I wanted the artist "Camper van Beethoven". :lol:

Then I found this on their FAQ page (http://blog.pandora.com/faq/index.html):

"The Music Genome Project doesn't contain any classical music at this time. We're still trying to figure out how to tackle that animal..."

I did, however, eventually find some Tchaikovsky & Mozart in a "Holiday" genre.

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Did you know that you can listen to other people's stations, and let other people listen to your stations and look at your profile on Pandora? I haven't really tried it yet, but that might be a fun way for people to share the music they like with others on the forum. I'm assuming that the ratings you choose will affect what plays when someone else listens to your station, but I don't know if that person can then make additional ratings of his own or not, or if that effects what plays when you listen to your own station afterwards.

My profile is www.pandora.com/people/phifltrigy. But I'll warn anyone who tries to listen to my stations that most aren't very good yet-- and that's assuming that my ratings will affect what you hear when you listen. In fact, I'd say that my Paul Whiteman station and my Edith Piaf are the only ones that don't play 90% ultra crappy music. But they're all gradually getting better the more I listen. Somehow, though, they keep managing to find new trash that has no relation that I can understand to the music I rate positively. Then sometimes they'll surprise me and play something that I do like, that's unusual, and that still doesn't have much that I can understand to do with my station.. Oh well, it's an interesting concept, though. :(

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