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Good Column By John Stossel

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Great article. Thanks! I like that he even criticizes his "colleagues" for abhorring selfishness. My favorite quote from that article is "kindness can only give away the goods self-love [aka self-interest] provides". He realizes that altruists can only survive and operate through an intermediary: egoists.

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Did no one catch the subtitle: "Who is John Stossel?"

I totally missed it - even though you did point it out.

Stossel is the person who opened my eyes when it comes to Environmentalist lies, before I even heard about Objectivism and Ayn Rand. It was about 6 years ago, when he had a piece on 20/20, about brainwashing done by environmentalists. They showed a bunch of them blatantly lying to kids, (the ends justify the means, was the tree huggers' excuse). It was then, I also realized there was a secret agenda behind Captain Planet, I watched as a kid myself (it still doesn't change the fact that Linka was the hottest character, with that cute Russian accent).

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John Stossel's book Give Me A Break was my real introduction to libertarianism in college. Prior to reading it I was a stunch conservative. If you want to introduce someone who is apolitical to small-government politics, that book is probably the best thing you could buy them (even better than anything written by Ayn Rand).

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