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Nucor Of Charlotte, North Carolina

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Originally from The Charlotte Capitalist ™,

Most Charlotteans are familiar with Nucor here in Charlotte. Do you know the history? From Steven Brockerman at American Renaissance:

Ken immediately reduced administrative staff from twelve to two. Then he packed up the company headquarters lock, stock & barrel into a couple of vans and moved it from Phoenix, Arizona, to Charlotte, North Carolina, near the profitable grate and joist operation at Vulcraft.

There he fashioned a business plan that focused on Vulcraft while spinning off or closing the other seven unprofitable divisions. His focus on Vulcraft amounted to intense modernization. R&D became God at Nuclear. So much so that Douglas Sease would later write in 1981 in the Wall Street Journal that ?[M]odern technology is Nucor's long suit." That R&D laden suit was first dealt in 1965 by Ken Iverson.

Steven provides part one. Part two coming soon I am sure.

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