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What Is The Definition Of Sex?

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It's all semantics anyway, but as semantics goes, about 99% of the time, when a person refers to sex, they mean to say that people are stimulating one another's sexual organs or stimulating one another in a way that causes sexual arousal, where "sexual organs" refer to certain centers of the body that I could probably show you on a chart and by "sexual arousal" I mean stimulation to specific places in the brain that are triggered when sexual organs are stimulated, often leading to orgasm. A much easier way of saying it is that if two people get all touchy-feely with each other and stuff comes out, that's sex.

If you were to call sex "celebrating your values with other people," that wouldn't necessarily be stupid or immature as a kind of analogy, in that celebrating your values with other people is fundamentally sex and that sex is fundamentally celebrating your values with other people. This kind of thinking is far more eastern, though, and you have to have an analagous mind to understand it -- not one that is so precise and linear. In the end, I would take "celebrating your values with other people" as a wise analogy to, but not a very a accurate definition of sex.

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