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Human Nature, Genes And The Basis Of Morality

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I am saying that you are probably leaving out a few genes and urges when you simplify all of human nature down to we act in order to survive, and we must do so by using our minds.

(Fixed typo-sNerd)

I am curious as to where you got the idea that it is human nature to act in order to survive. It may be that way in most animals but it is not in humans. We must choose to live and then attempt to act to acconplish that goal. I am guessing that you derived that notion from the idea that your life is that standard of value. If I am correct then the derivation is incorrect. Values are only important to something that is alive, so if you are alive you have implicitly chosen life. Morality begins at that point.

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Isn't volition simply the ability to select the subject and degree of focus?

We then make choices based on knowledge and understanding (or feeling - if one is an emotionalist) rather than a direct action --> reaction (instinct or reflex) as with other organisms.

I believe Peikoff said that the choice to focus or not focus is irreducible (that might be what Hal was referring to).

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