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Contemporary Ethics Of Italian Teenagers

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Why do you think so?

"Imagine a Better Society: Imagine a society free of attitude, materialism and vanity. Imagine a society of individuals, all of whom have characteristics and traits distinct to themselves and themselves only. Imagine a Long Island free of attitude, where one day you can walk into a bar at night for a few drinks with your friends and not lose hope in the progress of human civilization. This can be our Long Island if we unite, work together, and support the resistance."

"The playing field is being leveled, and America is slowly losing its technological edge. Americans have become “fat, happy, and dumb” as one anonymous CEO puts it. While Douchebag #1 & Douchebag #2 are putting pictures of themselves on the internet, buying up the entire fall collection of “ITALIA” muscle shirts, and spending the greater part of the day in front of a mirror, their foreign counterparts already on their fourth book. Humble and talented individuals from other nations who have never had our prosperity are jumping at the new opportunities that their parents never even dreamed of. They are driven to succeed beyond belief as they are more than willing to work, stay up late to study, & put the time in to give themselves & their families a better life. Translation: They are hungrier than we are. And American businesses are more and more seeking to employ more talented individuals oversees. Currently 54% of Engineering and Science PHD’s granted within the United States go to foreign born students. This was not an issue a decade back as the talent from oversees would come to American schools to get their PHD, get a tech job in the U.S. and send their hard earned money home to their families. Now, with globalization & growing job opportunities outside of America, these talented foreigners no longer need to leave their home countries and families for a better life. To make matters worse America has hunkered down on allowing foreigners into the country to attend school in this post 9-11 world."

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