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State Of Ari Talk Scheduled For Detroit Area (june 12th)

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Thanks for letting us know! I will definitely be there.

And now for an introduction, since I've never posted here! I've been an Objectivist for quite some time, but somehow, didn't know about this board until yesterday. I started the now-defunct Objectivist club at University of Western Ontario. When I moved back to Michigan, a few people and I almost had a Meetup.com group going, but that never took off. Grad school is taking up a lot of time now, so I can't dedicate the effort to forming an official Detroit-area group (though if there is one I would definitely join... the benefits of actually knowing other Objectivists in person are enormous.) Currently I'm taking classes from the ARI's OAC, and learning a lot from them. Anyways, the point of all of this is to ask if any of you are going to Dr. Brook's speech, and if so, we should be on the lookout for each other :-)


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