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Is there any chace of the Meta-Blog Discussion page being changed so that it's possible to know who's blog the thread is about before clicking it? At present all that youre given is the thread title not the poster, which makes it hard to browse discriminatively.

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Doesn't it do this for Diana's posts?
Nope. I'd done that "manually" in the sense that some times I would only bring in NoodleFood posts (from reBlog), and bring them in all the way to the Forum with Diana's user-id. [Not a scalable approach, :fool: .]
oh well :(
It is something we'd like to implement.

Right now, we do the following:

1) Step 1: Filter incoming blogs [i.e. select posts] and aggregate them into the Meta-Blog (on MoveableType)

2) Step 2: Read the Moveable Type output feed into the forum

I'm guessing that with a little work we might be able to get the original author's name as the author in our MetaBlog (still outside the forum). That way, people who get our RSS Feed will see the author.

The second step would require that we split the feed again (by author) and read those separate feeds into the forum. (Unless IPB adds a way to get the author off the feed.)

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