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The Corrupt FCC...

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That is pathetic. I wonder who at the FCC is behind this. A Clinton hold over (remember Janet Reno and Elian Gonzalez)? Colen Powell's son?

We should have bombed Castro last summer as part of our War on Terror. If you remember, last summer, Iran was on the verge of revolution. The younger generation in Iran is a bit more rational than their elders and do not wish to live under the mullahs. Many, in fact, were openly pleading for the USA to liberate them as we did the people in Iraq from Saddam - a fact which, of course, was not given very much coverage in our mainstream Leftist media. Anyhow, there is a very large Iranian exile population in Los Angeles and they have their own satellite television network which people across Iran tune in for uncensored news, information and entertainment - and much of the programming is explicitly anti-mullahs. It is not surprising, of course, that in the weeks leading up to planned nationwide protests against the mullahs that the Iranian government took steps to jam US satellite broadcasts being beamed into Iran. But guess who helped them do it? That's right. Fidel Castro. His communist government jammed the signals of US government and the private broadcasts aimed at Iran. And quite predictably, our leaders in Washington did nothing to stop them other than complain and protest. Such an action on the part of Cuba is, of course, an act of war - and, at the very least, the location of the jamming equipment should have been bombed into oblivion if not the evil murderous dictator himself. So, now we have an agency of our own government upset because a couple of radio guys prank called an evil murderous dictator who is guilty of and was allowed to get away with an act of war against the United States. Prank call? Heck, some sniper should have taken that ruthless bloody murderer out a long time ago. Amazing.

For more a detailed article on last summer's satellite jamming by Cuba and Iran, see: http://www.insightmag.com/news/2003/08/19/...es-449580.shtml

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I wrote some material about the history of the FCC's evil:


It's a paper we published in the trade for a while, but in between the ads and the articles on technology there's quite a bit of stuff on regulation, especially telecom regulation. Wow, what a mess it's been!

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The FCC has been going further and further over board. Things like the castro call and "nipplegate" (thje janet Jackson superbowel stunt) have let them run even further amok. I hear people constantly saying how the FCC needs to either loosen up or be completely dismantled, but very rarely do I hear anyone who AGREES with what the FCC is doing. Now correct me if Im wrong, but if an agency is in place to protect a people, shopuldnt it be protecting the majoprity and not the 1 or 2 people who have an issue with a controversial subject? I personally, think the FCC should not even exist, but why the hell is one person with a phone and a below average IQ able to start the weels turning for such blatant and obvious destruction of the 1st amendment?

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Food for Thought:

If those two DJ's in Florida had real attorneys working for them they could have these charges and fines thrown the hell out.

I often wonder what the FCC was thinking when they let Fidel Castro jam the airwaves of that "Free Iran" radio network, and did nothing

So much for the FCC defending individual rights and freedom of speech. :angry:

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